Thursday, October 1, 2009


After taking a licking the last couple of TWD recipes - I was ready for something that I consider a "success"...... whatever that means! LOL

In the interest of keeping my options open for other desserts later on - I choose to make a half-batch of this dessert. Out came a ramekin and a 4+" springform pan (which ended up being my favorite presentation).

I paused for a moment at the "make the caramel" step thinking back to my many caramel failures and thought about resorting to my fail-safe method but decided to give it a go.... SUCCESS!!!! DELICIOUS SUCCESS!!!

The honey roasted nuts were a great addition and have become a pantry staple.

The crusts were over-baked just a little - I liked Dorie's comment that they tended to hold up better - but that really didn't matter.... they were eaten before it became an issue!

I didn't get a nice clean finish on the crust - but nobody complained.....

The only complaint was "why isn't there more?" - and I got my "success".......