Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I had a mission Sunday - there was a craving that needed to be satisfied...  fried chicken.    Not something from a drive-thru or "deli" but the home-made real deal complete with gravy and mashed potatoes.   Nothing could stop me except "being chicken" (ha ha ha - sorry)  - afraid of my past failures.   There was no choice but to be brave - the craving had to be satisfied!

Inspiration came from the strangest place... I was watching one of my favorite shows (it's sort a secret indulgence of mine actually - LOL) on the DVR Saturday afternoon.   In this particular episode, the star was visiting Paula Deen at her home in Savannah and they were looking around the garden previously maintained by Paula's drunk but hilarious assistant Brandon.   When the star wanted to try out the "switching" technique Paula says she uses on her assistant - the star accidently whopped PD in the face with the switch!!!   While it doesn't sound so funny - it really was (to me anyways) and in my case - inspiring!   In the episode PD prepared fried chicken and it came to me - "if PD can't fry a chicken - it's probably a lost art and I should just order a pizza....."

A quick trip to the computer and then to the store got me prepared.   Was I up for the challenge?  Would I be disappointed?   Would I wish I had ordered pizza?

Four simple words answer those questions......   "THANK YOU PAULA DEEN!"   

It was the best fried chicken ever!   Don't trust a yankee's opinion?  How about a true southern gentleman's?   Todd (born and raised in the south and an expert on real southern food) had this to say - "this the best fried chicken I have ever eaten!" 

Enough said - except for maybe my apology to Grandma McC!

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