Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We bought a "vintage" house just before Thanksgiving 2008.   The entire time until mid-March was spent working on the inside.   With a couple days of nice weather  - we put in a small garden along the driveway and planted beans, carrots, onions, peas and cucumbers (with a couple okra plants in the mix to respect our Southern location!).   On June 7, we had our first bean and pea harvest - the beans were DELICIOUS slow cooked with some bacon, onion powder and garlic salt!    Another harvest is coming soon and we planted two more packages of seeds (yes - they were that good)!

The peas are a different story!      After a "harvest" of about 10 pods - we decided to over-plant this section with  beans.....  maybe next year for the fresh peas!

The new raised bed in the back lot has tomatoes (4 varieties including those great little cherry tomatoes), some raspberry bushes and more okra.   I was hoping for a fresh tomato by the 4th of July but am thinking that may not happen.  The asparagus starts we planted have the "fun" little fern-like growths - they remind me of the ditches we played in when I was young!  Cantaloupe and watermelon round out the assortment.......

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