Monday, June 29, 2009

TWD: Perfect Party Cake

"Perfect"? Hmmmmm - not sure about that but it is very very close to deserving that title! The cake had great flavor - it was moist and "solid"! The frosting (a rich creamy "real" buttercream) was out of this world and tasted great off a spoon, spatula and a finger! It was even better on the cake!

I am not sure the cake rose like it should. The recipe called for 2-9" pans.... I used 2-6" pans thinking I might get a total of six layers (something for later!). The cake almost ended up being two layers but I took the plunge and split them to make four..... I am glad I did! Each layer is separated by seedless raspberry jam and a thin layer of frosting. The top and sides are covered in frosting (that delicious buttercream - yeah baby!!!!) and a light sprinkling of sweetened coconut..... This cake is so good that it doesn't even need ice cream - really!

Many filling variations come to mind on this cake.... lemon or orange curd, chocolate ganache, any sort of other seedless jam (strawberry, grape, apricot/pineapple....) Hmmm - something like a german chocolate cake filling? I've seen some mention fresh fruit but it seems a shame to waste the cake and frosting with something "healthy" - LOL!

How about the frosting - instead of vanilla - would something different (beside almond flavoring) work?


  1. I think your Perfect Party Cake looks a lot more perfect than mine! My cake layers didn't rise much either and I also debated making them into 4 layers. I did anyways but yours looks so much nicer!

  2. Wow looks like the picture in the book! I used lemon curd and sweet orange marmalade, and instead of lemon zest, juice etc I used orange. It was to die for!

  3. Almond frosting sounds delicious! I wish I had 6 inch pans. Your cake looks really good!

  4. A beautiful party cake - great job!

  5. it looks delicious!I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.