Friday, July 31, 2009

Banana Bread (but it's not TWD Banana Bundt Cake...)

We want to eat something for breakfast every day.  It may be a bagel, a bowl of cereal and occasionally - bacon and eggs (but this happens at dinner more often than breakfast).   

One of us (not me fortunately) leaves for work at 6:30 in the morning and usually eats something at the office.   Wanting to put an end to the question "bagel again?",  I got out the trusty "I Am The Bread Of Life" cookbook about 18 months ago and found the perfect solution.... Banana Nut Bread.   The book was put together in 1994 by the good cooks at First Baptist Church in Greenwood, AR and is full of recipes that Grandma might have made if she cooked - which mine did not :-( The recipes aren't necessarily "pretty", "trendy" or "glamorous" - but they are always - always - always very good!

The recipe is simple - bananas (obviously), butter, eggs, sugar, flour, vanilla.   Two things keep this fresh each week (yes, I make it each week)... nuts and chips.   

Pick a nut (pecans, walnuts, macadamia, hazlenuts - maybe mix flavors and sizes).

Choose a chip (chocolate, peanut butter, peanut/butter, butterscotch  - maybe a mix of these too).

In less than one hour there are 4 mini-loaves ready for the mornings!   To really shake things up - a simple glaze can be toasted on the loaves under the broiler......  yum!


  1. Hi, I came by to answer your question about the zucchini. It depends I believe- if your going to use it immediately don't bother. Mine wasn't too wet so I didn't however I have in the past squeezed it dry!

    Great looking Banana Bread by the way! Thanks for the visit!

  2. I love banana bread so much, I can't afford to make it every week. I could probably finish a mini loaf myself! It looks really good. I like the dark colour of the bread.

  3. These look great Jeff! You should really try Dorie's when you get a chance - I wasn't a big banana bread/loaf person at all, but her recipe is out of this world.... I'll have to check that cookbook out (like really NEED another one)! It sounds fantastic!