Thursday, July 9, 2009

A little red, white and blue..... sort of

Inspired by Mike's Independence Cake at GTA Living Out West - I decided to try something new (for me anyways) in the same vein.   Having no star pans - I settled for a plain old 8" round pan and used Martha's Perfect White Cake.   The frosting was her cream cheese frosting - WOW...  what a great combination!

Having just completed my first four piping classes - this is only the 2nd cake I have decorated. I think it came out pretty well.

My plan was to use raspberries for the red but I couldn't find any.   Leftover jam from the TWD: Perfect Party Cake worked just fine.

I thought the spiral pattern was fun and each slice would have some frosting, blueberries and raspberry flavor.   Too bad I didn't scrape off the small star borders and the top shell border - I think I would have liked the result of using a larger tip - say #21...

This cake ended up being 3 layers - each separated with frosting and the same seedless raspberry jam used on the top.   

The frosting was difficult for me to work with (although this could have been a "user error"... ha ha ha) but it was a great experience for me and best of all - it tastes great!

PS - thanks Mike for your input and advice.... both are very much appreciated!


  1. Jeff - fantastic-looking cake! I'm quite impressed. This was my first attempt at a fruit/piping technique. I really enjoyed it - love the Ying Yang 4th of July theme. Quite unique! No more cream cheese piping for me though! Nicely done!

  2. I love how you decorated your cake. It's really creative!