Tuesday, July 28, 2009

TWD: Vanilla Ice Cream

I love ice cream....  it is its own food group in my world.   I have never been able to make it at home in a way that made me happy - Blue Bunny Premium Vanilla has a permanent spot in the freezer.   How excited was I after reading some of the adjectives in the P&O....  maybe this was it!?

There were only two things I did not follow to the letter in the directions:
  1. I don't have a fine mesh strainer so I skipped the "strain the custard" step.  This didn't seem like a problem since I couldn't see any curds or chunks in the mix.
  2. Looking at previous P&O for Honey Peach Ice Cream - I added 1.5 tsp vodka to help keep it smooth.
After a few hours in the freezer - we were ready to give it a try.   Just to be safe though - there was a fresh container of BB ready, waiting.....

I was not disappointed - not too much anyways!   With my expectations being described to me as "totally unrealistic" - I do have to admit that this ice cream was a complete success! Everyone loved it and it didn't last 24 hours.   "When are you making more" has become the common ice cream question over the last couple of days.   

The Bunny has not been opened; the Bunny is Blue :-(

I will continue to ponder these questions as I make the next batch.....
  • Did I heat the custard too quickly making it a little "grainy" (in my opinion)?
  • Should it have mixed longer before going into the freezer (see "grainy" concern)?
  • Too much vodka?   Not enough vodka?   
  • What about amaretto - would it have the same effect as vodka?
  • Not enough vanilla flavor?   Would a bean make it better?
and the most important question of all......
  • what can I add in the next batch?  LOL


  1. Too funny that you had some Blue Bunny on standby! It looks like it turned out great. I'm not sure about the grainy texture, but I used a vanilla bean and it had a ton of vanilla flavor, so I'd recommend that.

  2. I love icecream too! Sometimes I think I love it more than chocolate, although I think they're tied. When I was little, I actually liked it when icecream got grainy.. how weird is that?

  3. I don't have an ice cream maker. I am deathly afraid to get one. :)

    This looks fantastic Jeff! I used to eat Blue Bunny by the bucket-fulls. Now I've been ice-cream-free for over a decade. That's dangerous stuff! You've made it look refreshing and quite delicious! Well done!

  4. it looks delicious!I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.