Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chocolate Coconut Cookies

Seems like just a couple days ago - I was passing on making a Creamy Lime Tort because there were "too many" sweets in the house?

Monday morning (should that not be enough of a reason to want to do something pleasant) passed and I "needed" to do something productive. I decided to bake something even though there were apple bars, vanilla caramel cupcakes and brownies all setting around, waiting, getting dry.

The answer - Chocolate Coconut Cookies......

  • Oatmeal cookies with a 50/50 blend of semisweet and milk chocolate chips
  • White chocolate "frosting"
  • Toasted coconut
Delicious with a tall glass of cold milk... even better with a bowl of peanut butter/chocolate ice cream!

All this begs the question.... can there really be too many sweets in the house???


  1. I had to pass on the tort too..I had some other issues but one of them being we have to many darn sweets too. I love them but I don't like alot of fattening things sitting around! These cookies look so good!

  2. I was wondering if you were able to finish all your desserts with your multiple batches! I always have to halve or quarter or else we would probably eat nothing but desserts all day.