Monday, August 17, 2009

The little cupcake that almost couldn't......

Seeing mini cupcakes everywhere - made me hungry. I am not sure why but think that is is something about the cake/frosting ratio and yes - frosting is usually my favorite part of any cake.....

Peanut butter and chocolate sounded like a great combination. Being out of peanut butter (not really a surprise - LOL) I made a trip to the store. One thing the local big box does right is they put Nutella right next to the PB - both ended up in the cart.

The plan changed to Nutella and chocolate mini-cupcakes - this plan didn't work.....

I am not sure what this was all about!? The oven temperature was right so I tried again some remaining batter - same result...... could it be the Nutella?

Second attempt was to follow the recipe and use peanut butter. Hmmmm - what is this all about?!

I thought about making some caramel to fill the wholes but the texture turned me off to that idea....

What is happening here?

It was time to break out the old standard - Baking Illustrated - and get something that we could eat (hopefully)...


I made some Blueberry/Lemon Cheesecake Ice Cream earlier in the day so the frosting HAD TO compliment that... A combination of some Blueberry and Raspberry Jam gave the frosting a subtle flavor (but left the color a little "drab").

What was suppose to be stars ended up as a sort of psychedelic flower!

And even better - the left over Valentine's Day sprinkles are gone..... finally!


  1. Jeff, your decorating skills are amazing!! I love using up leftover ingredients because there's room for new stuff! Those cupcakes have the perfect dome. Is that the recipe for their yellow cupcakes w/ the sour cream? For some reason, that recipe never works for me. I find the texture is too dense. Maybe I'm not mixing it correctly.

  2. Steph,

    The recipe is for the basic yellow cupcake.... page 345. It was simple and fast but....... hold on - it was basically a one-dish recipe! LOL

  3. That Nutella -- it's stiff stuff! Maybe that's why they fell - I can imagine how good they still tasted. I hope you made a trifle, etc.. out of them! The new ones look amazing - the piping, etc is fantastic... very impressed! Those look equally as delicious!