Thursday, August 6, 2009

Who ate the cake?

*** 8/07 - changed frosting type to "cream cheese frosting"; I had originally described it as butter cream..... sorry for confusion.

I was cleaning ice out of the freezer (over time - it had gone everywhere) Sunday morning and found two frozen white cakes. Not surprisingly - one was 6" and one was 8", but they were both white and that larger cake could easily be put in its 6" place. YEAH - I was in the mood for a slice of cake after dinner!

After being outside most of the day - I forged ahead. I got a little lazy (and tired) towards the end so it's not so pretty, but it apparently tasted good...

First of four layers. This one was filled with homemade caramel.

Layer #3 filled with caramel. Layer #2 and top were frosted with almond cream cheese frosting.

Is that caramel oozing from layer #1?! It's starting to get ugly...

"Dirty" iced and heading to the fridge to chill a bit before covering with almond cream cheese frosting.

And yes - that is caramel oozing out......

"Finished" - sort of. That clever band around the "middle" (I obviously was not thinking clearly - ha ha ha) was intended to keep caramel in place.... it really didn't work.

By the time it got to this point - I didn't want a piece of cake anymore...

The remains Monday morning... I guess someone - several of them actually - really didn't care how it looked!

I'll take that as a compliment...


  1. Yum Im thinking I need to find something like that in my freezer! Wow it's amazing what you came up with from two different sizes of cake!

  2. Wow - Jeff, that is a nice looking cake! I'm impressed with your decorating! I've signed up for a "cake decorating 101" class at my local cake supply shop (supposed to start in the fall). That should cover the basics - looking forward to it. I'd love to get your almond buttercream recipe too - that sounds great. I love putting a thin layer of homemade caramel inbetween cake layers - gives it that "something extra" - glad everyone enjoyed it - it looks fantastic!

  3. I would have finished the cake as well lol. Love, absolutely love the caramel oozing out. Yum!

  4. I like your shells! Shells were actually my favourite to practise during class because I liked how they sort of go up and down. I've never actually frozen a cake with success. Maybe I'm doing it all wrong, but it always ends up really dense and dry!