Thursday, August 13, 2009


Not really being in the mood to cook last night - I thought I would shock everyone who eats with an advance notice of what we were having for dinner. You know - a "you can't say I didn't tell you" sort of thing that I could do easily and quickly with one little e-mail....

I had two goals:
  1. have someone offer to pick up something (pizza, burgers, chicken - it really didn't matter),
  2. have a little fun (and it may seem like a very little bit of fun, but.....)
I was pretty sure it would work after I sent this picture....

Not to disrespect any culture or culinary style - but - I just couldn't get my hands around anything in this dish except the ear of corn (which did come into play.... read on).

There never was an intention of making this.....

The plan sort of worked......
  1. With the exception of "one" - everyone was a little surprised but very polite in their "thanks, but no thanks" responses,
  2. the "one" son was completely put off and didn't even try to be polite,
  3. everybody settled for leftovers from the fridge (no take-out, but no cooking so I consider this a a lose/win outcome)!
But I did have a surprise - a real surprise inspired by that ear of corn...

... homemade Sweet Corn Frozen Yogurt complete with a sprinkling of bacon crumbles!

How could this be anything but delicious?
  • Frozen yogurt - check!
  • Fresh sweet corn right off the cob - check!
  • Bacon - check!
Surprise - this just didn't work! Separately, everything was great and delicious! Unfortunately something happened in transition...... ugh.......

My advice - don't try this yogurt at home and enjoy the corn with butter, salt & pepper!

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  1. That corn yogurt ice cream thingy actually sounds great! (I think...) What a creative "meal" you planned. A nice way to break up the midweek doldrums. Keep coming up with the great ideas!