Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Good + Good + Good <=> Great (or even Good)

I was cleaning out the fridge/freezer - again (it seems like I do this way too often)...

What to do with a frozen Queen Of Sheba cake, milk chocolate ganache, white chocolate ganache, almond swiss butter cream and a small amount of orange marmalde?

Combine them expecting something great - of course!

Slices of cake split with marmalade between the layers.

A little bit of icing went a long way...

Tight/closed borders are very important when filling an area with chocolate glaze...

A successful attempt at a pastel frosting color. I like the brown/blue combo.

You can't hide an unsteady beginner's hand with that glaze!

These were way too sweet - the combination of cake, frosting and marmalade was too much for all of us!

The same cake, glaze and marmalade but no frosting. It was still a little sweet, but much better!

That is a little ganache piped around the base - but it was easy enough to pick around...

The consensus was that this entire project was a waste of a very good cake - it is too good to bury under frostings, fillings and glazes...

Other than the glaze I made for this project - I wonder what I will find in the fridge in a couple weeks?!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I really appreciate the direction of your blog. Food is so fun to experiment with, isn't it? Create away!

  2. Wooow this looks heavenly! That chocolate ganache :D :D Throwing things together always makes the tastiest things!