Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I am calling surrender on soft/sticky doughs... No matter what I tried - these just didn't work for me.

They were chilled for three days and then repeatedly during the rolling/cutting process - they still stuck to everything...

They were pasty white; an egg wash didn't even give them a a nice brown finish...

They didn't puff - not one...

There wasn't even one that was worth taking a photo of.....

They were still on the plate this morning....

I think it is time for a tart.....


  1. You were far from the only one who had problems with this dough! There's always next Tuesday!

  2. I didn't try these because I knew I would mess up pastry dough and I'm not a huge fan of crusts and buttery desserts that aren't sweet.

  3. Don't cry over white pufflets. :) There's alway a tart that you can screw up more. Think about it *that* way. The dough was a horror.... but my tart shells always shrink and come out of the oven looking strange.... I'm starting to freak about this one too!

  4. I will post the recipe for the pizza and oreos today..sorry I was so tired after cooking all day I felt super lazy and didn't want to type a bunch!

  5. I thought about an egg wash myself but didn't try it. Didn't help, eh? These were a lot of trouble, I agree.