Monday, September 21, 2009

Wilton Cake Decorating Class - Fondant Cake

Having been on the fence re: taking this class - I decided to give it a go and see what happened....

The last class was about royal frosting (which I really really don't understand - it's just not good to eat). This class is piping, fondant and 80's style stacked (very useful technique though -I think - right?!) cakes.

First cake of the class - the "Package Cake".....

  • I actually enjoyed working with the fondant.
  • It was a challenge though - the white fondant shows/picks up EVERYTHING!
  • The flowers were easy and "fun" (note - I am not using the word "cute")...
  • I learned how to "marble" the fondant - I think it looks very cool...
I decided to play on the back half of the cake - after all, how many flowers do you need to cut out for a practice cake?

  • Once again - a little Cornelli Lace...
  • A little better picture of the "marbled" bow...
  • I actually think this looks sort of cool and very 2000's... ha ha ha
This is fun process and I am looking forward to working with it some more - like this race car for a friend's baby shower cake.

Blue = copy of the invitation

Yellow = practice version


  1. Jeff, that looks incredible!! You are so creative with the race cars. The cornelli lace looks good on the present cake.

  2. I love the Cornelli Lace, the flowers, the bow and the race cars are adorable! Nice work, you are a great cake artist!

  3. Very nice fondant work! I've heard that's quite tricky - you should be proud of yourself. I still need to take Stage 1! Very nicely done Jeff!